Account types - "supermoderator"?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by patrick, Jan 15, 2002.

  1. patrick

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    Windows XP describes a Computer Administrator to be able to perform all eight of the following actions while a "Limited" account can only perform the final two.

    1. Install programs and hardware
    2. Make system-wide changes
    3. Access and read all non-private files
    4. Create and delete user accounts
    5. Change other people's accounts
    6. Change your own account name or type
    7. Change your own picture
    8. Create, change or remove your own password

    I would like to create an account like a supermoderator rather than an administrator, that can perform actions: 1, 2, 3, 7 & 8

    I'm relatively new to Windows XP so could someone please explain to me how I would go about making these changes?

    Thankyou sincerely,
  2. tastingw

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    In you administrative tools there is a link named local security policy

    from there click on local policies assignment. Here toy can do a lot of things with right and stuff

    I think you can create there your supermoderator
  3. patrick

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    Um... I've been staring at my monitor hoping that somehow it'll all make sense. Though, no luck.
    I'm completely lost.

    Has anyone done this before or can anyone please help me find exactly which settingd to change?

  4. Khayman

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    just out of curiosity, i can't see this link, or anything similar. do you have ot have anything special installed
  5. patrick

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    Administrative tools appear in the control panel when you are logged on as administrator.
    Anybody else know?
  6. Khayman

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    Hmmm, i am the administrator. Even went into safe mode and logged in as the actual administrator but nothing.

    edited never mind
  7. tastingw

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    You must be logged in as an adminstrator ( no need to log in safe mode)

    Go to your control panel

    When opened, in the blue area you can switch to classic view

    Here you see Administrative tools

    An another way is your start menu in classic view.

    Go to start > settings > taskbar and startmenu

    You see 2 tabs, select start menu

    When you choose classic view the customize button lights on

    press it and you can select a various of options including Administrative tools

    Than click OK

    Now the administrative tools are in your startmenu

    I hope this was helpfull

    ( for patrick, haven't played with it so I take a look)
  8. tastingw

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    Ok, you know how to create an account?

    Well go to your control panel

    select user account

    create a new user with limited rights


    Then go to the administartive tools en select computer management

    expand "Local users an Groups" and select groups on the left

    On the right side you see a lot of groups

    Double click on Power user and click on add

    In the new box in the white area type the name of the account you just made.

    En click on check names and press ok

    Now you've created the supermoderator ( according to MS )
  9. Highwind7777

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    if u're not seeing administrative tools, u have winXP home edition...u need pro, sorry :(