accessing shares across the internet

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by MaDCeLL, Jul 8, 2002.

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    i really tried to search the boards but i found no thread, so pls dont flame me !

    is there a way to access share across the internet ?

    or is that feature deactivated for security reasons. and can i reactivate it ?

    thx !
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    You can, however it is too big of a security risk. If you opened even restricted shares to the internet it is still very easy for someone with the time and skills to hack you. I would NOT recomend opening shares to the internet. Use a more secure method like maybe a FTP server.

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    yeah i know about the riscs. but if you know how pls tell me !
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    I would like to know also...
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    They are on by default an can be accessed through the Internet if you are directly connected (no router or firewall). If you have a router simply forward ports 137-139 UDP and TCP to your computer. To access a share bring up the command console.
    Type: net view <IP-address> to view the shares of an IP. Type net use x: \\<IP-address>\<share> to connect <share> to x:.

    !!! WARNING !!!
    This is a VERY hazardous way to share files. Windows shares are EASY to hack! You have been warned! Normally it is a good idea to BLOCK ports 137-139 UDP and TCP in your router and/or firewall.