Accessing my Windows XP PC from Windows 7 PC

Discussion in 'Windows Applications' started by Dublex, Aug 28, 2009.

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    OK, I have the following situation

    Currently I have networked through a BT homehub my old XP rig and my new Windows 7 rig. I can connect to the windows 7 rig through my XP rig, but not vice versa.

    What I have tried doing

    Making sure that both computers are in the same workgroup
    Giving the PCs identical accounts with identical passwords - both are admin
    Making sure that "advanced" networking on my XP Home PC is turned on
    The shares I want to see are shared

    It seems to work - I can actually see the shares on the XP machine but it says I do not have permission to access the shares, even though I should tehcnically have permission (as the folder is shared)

    Anyone know what I am missing or have seen / fixed this problem before?

    Edit: I have Windows 7 7100 RC on my win 7 PC and XP SP3 on my XP machine.
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    You should check your homegroup/sharing settings.

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