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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by fredur, Feb 12, 2002.

  1. fredur

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    I am starting to set up my user accounts for the computer, and i want to make it so that each user cannot access the "My Documents" of any other user.
    I have tried going through Documents and Settings and right clickin on the Individual Document Folder to set the Access Right, but the checkbox (to turn this feature on) is not active...How do i activate it.

    By not active meaning that when i click it it doesn't change the box

  2. zman

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    Open explorer .. then go to tools ...... folder options .... Click the View tab .... SCroll down and uncheck "Use simple file sharing"


    also a great tool is the Group policy tool go to RUN and type


    Have a look in there some cool stuff
  3. fredur

    fredur Guest

    I couldn't find it in folder options. aslo when i try and run gpedit.msc in Run it says that it cannot be found!
    I am using Windows Xp Home Edition.

    Any other ideas


    PS: i am using a FAT32 Partition. Is this ok?
  4. Lukas

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    I don't think you can secure your folders on a non-NTFS windows partition.... without any third-party software that is...
  5. Khayman

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    XP home doesn't have GPE or use simplt file sharing option, nd as standard doesn't have any decent multi user security,

    however check out this thread. if you follow it it will give you the security tab for files and folders. which then lets you set specific user rights to folders. Oh and no it will only work on NTFS