Access problem with WMP9

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SandTiger, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. SandTiger

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    Hi all,

    Im subscribed to a site with streaming video. After installing WMP9 I get "access denied" everytime I try to run the video's. Before with the old player it used to prompt me for a password and a login, now I just get teh "access denied" message. Anyone has any ideas about this? I looked on their knowledge base but no luck.

  2. BOBbagels

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    I got the same exact problem and would really REALLY like to get this fixed.
  3. SandTiger

    SandTiger Guest


    So im not the only one, thats good to know I guess. ;)

    Hope someone has a solution to this. I reinstalled the damn thing four times and searched every part of their web site with no result.
  4. vdubVR6

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    I had alot of prob. too with cinemanow when I used wmp9 at home, but at work I had no prob. with the player, then again at work it was not the default bc I didn't have admin. privilages. so my best guess to you guy's is to select no file types in the options(of wmp9) then go to the default mplayer2.exe and select all file types(when you want to stream) at least that helped with my prob. with wmp9
  5. vdubVR6

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    Let me know if that worked for you guy's if so then it's a bug you might want to send M$