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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lukas, Mar 29, 2002.

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    Hi all,

    I have weird problem on a webserver.

    I've set up a wabserver on our local intranet. This webserver should host an access database. As many of you know, in Access 2002 and 2002 you can create a HTML Page, and save it to a webfolder.

    I've created such a page, published it to the webfolder on my IIS server and get this:

    Everything works fine when I use the page locally: I can surf to http://localhost/database/db.htm,, and http://mso-ws//database/db.htm from the webserver itself.

    When I try to open the HTML page from a different computer, no matter with wich credentials (admin, power user, user, guest) the html page gives me two errors:

    Disk Or Network Error -> OK
    Data Provider could not be initialized -> OK

    then the database comes up, and all the fields are listing the '#name?' value.

    The permissions on the database folder are 'everyone -> full access'

    I've looked around on the internet to solve this problem, but can't find any tutorial that is comprehensive enough for me.

    Does anyone knows anything about setting up data access pages on IIS 5?

    or a tutorial, or a website, or anything.

    Please... I'm close to a nervous breakdown: all hint and tips are welcome.


  2. waddy

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    To me it looks like there is a problem with the actual database connection.

    I have an exam tomorrow so i cant spend time to help you

    try here

    I hope that helps