AC97 Audio Driver for A7V333 Motherboard

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by fitfella29, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. fitfella29

    fitfella29 Guest

    ive just tried installing this driver and it says :

    "VIA AC97 audio chipset is not enabled on this system ! please enable it first on the bios then run this setup again."

    ive looked in the bios but i can`t find it anywhere??
  2. LoctOut

    LoctOut Guest

    you need to enable it by jumpering pins 1 and 2 on the Audio_EN pins. Enabled is the default position.

    This jumber is on the very bottom of the board, below the last PCI connector.
  3. fitfella29

    fitfella29 Guest

    thanks,i`ll let u know how i get on.
  4. Shamus MacNoob

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    L'Ile Perrot Quebec
    or bios

    could be in the bios also.... most boards are set ON by default on the jumper pins when they include sound no?

    check the bios settings also to be sure

    and btw ac97 audio drivers I had trouble finding a good match for
    xp I finally did its the v5.10.4030

    Trying to rememeber where I found them I searched for days I will get back to you here when I do. ok here I am back

    I used the previous version of this file and it worked great I was having all kinds of trouble like when playing games with a static like noise all the time but not afte I used the files from here ...

    I am going to try the newer version and see if they are as good or better .......... will edit again after
  5. fitfella29

    fitfella29 Guest

    thanks kermit but ive sorted my sound out now.