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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by andy_rose, Feb 9, 2002.

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    hi all
    when i shutdown my winxp pro ntfs the normal way it shuts down completly, but when i use the desktop shortcut it doesent shut off completly. i get the "it's now safe to turn of the computer" screen and have to be there to manually turn it off.
    any way to fix this problem??please help a guy out..
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    using a shortcut with a shutdown command doesn't access the ACPI interface so it won't auto power down...but if you have a ACPI compliant comp and tower and all you could always just tap the power button and the comp will shut down and turn off...beats those crappy shortcuts :)
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    hehe, indeed Qumahlin..
    dont know about you guys, but i sure didnt know about this one.
    here is the solution:
    Another solution for Windows XP users involves using the power switch on your computer — but only after you’ve set it to shutdown Windows first! If you poweroff your computer without shutting down Windows (and letting your applications save their data and close, if necessary), you invite a whole lot of serious problems! The correct way to do this is: After a fresh reboot of the computer, in the Windows XP Control Panel click Power Options. Click the Advanced tab. In the Power Buttons section, under “When I press the power button on my computer,” select “Shutdown.” (If this is not visible on your Advanced tab, then your computer does not have the hardware capability to do this job correctly, or the capability is disabled in CMOS.) Click Apply. This sets your computer so that when you press the hardware power button it will first do a proper shutdown of Windows, and then poweroff the computer.
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    Didn't know that one andy, on checking my settings i notice it is set for shutdown so I'll be using the power button from now on.
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    Nice thread resurrection ;)
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    No kiddin eh!
  7. you can go to power management and tell it what to do when you press the power button on your tower
    control panel>power management
    that would be faster than clicking on the shortcut
    or winkey+u then u again