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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by defiz, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. defiz

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    I have two computers one have a XP and second have 98se..

    win98se computer remember drives what I want to share, like D E and XP see them automatically..

    But when I select (Xp machine) for exsaple D -> sharing and security and I select that this drive will be shared..
    but When I shutdown my machine and start it again it Xp doesn't remeber my shared drives.. so I need to select them again everytimy when I boot my computer.. I can select them manually but that is annoying.

    So how can I make XP remeber shared drives like a win98se?
  2. greensteed

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    When you map a drive from XP, in the same window where you select the drive letter and select the \\computer\share there is a checkbox for :
    Reconect at Logon.
    Check it.
  3. defiz

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    I mean when I select (exsample) share drive D in xp.. but when I reboot my computer I have to do that again!
    Is that some kind of security stuff?

    so Xp doesn't remember what drive I want to share.. I have that reconnect at logon but that isn't problem.. Xp just can't remember?!

    please can someone help, Thanks much! =)