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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by kch1, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. kch1

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    i have an abit sr7-8x mobo. In the bios i have an option to change the enhanced chipset mode. (soft menu 3). the options available are 83MHz 144MHz Normal or Fast. In certain instances Normal and Fast cannot be selected. Does anyone have this mobo or know which provides the best performance assuming all options are available? e.g 144 or Fast setting?

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    i do not know the motherboard offhand. what cpu are you using? what memory are you using and also if you know it, what FSB is your motherboard running at?

    that information will help me (and probably others) with giving you a solution :)
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    p4 2.53 @ 2.8 using 147fsb, at this fsb the agp freq is 72MHz and pci is 36MHz when using fast enhanced chipset mode, if i restrict the agp freq to 66 and pci to 33 this is when i'm left with the 144 and 83 MHz options as previously described. the ram is ddr400 @ 181MHz