Abit KT7A & MS Plug and Play Game Pad

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by NegativeFactor, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. Has anyone actully got this motherboard (Abit KT7A) and the Joypad (Sidewinder Plug and Play Gamepad USB) working together?

    All that happens is you stick the gamepad in, XP picks it up, installs it. fine. You can play away. Then you reboot and things go bad, it won't pick the gamepad up now. Take it out, stick it back in, nothing. If you take the joypad out leave it a few months and stick it back in, it will pick it up. But then after you reboot it never sees the pad again. weird. I think it's something to do with the polling intervals between the USB adapter on the motherboard and gamepad itself.

    This is a quite well known problem, and i've attempted to install the patch that (is meant) to fix the problem from the MS website...nothing. I update the Via 4 in 1 drivers everytime a new one is released in the hope that it will work. But nothing. Update USB filter driver. Nothing.

    Can anyone help me? has anyone survived this torment?

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  2. anyone?

    It's allmost over now.
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    the year 2525
    Bios upgrade ? AMDMB
  4. I'm afarid i've already tried that, i'm on the latest BIOS version, which is 7N. I really am at a dead end with this.

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    Mine works just fine..... maybe there is something wrong with your board? or maybe the Game Pad.
  6. Sorry i should have mentioned before, this is the old KT7A motherboard. The one that will only take up to a 1.4Ghz!
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    I know what board it is I have a 1ghz duron running in it.
  8. Oh right, sorry. I just looked on your signature, I seem to have forgot the possibility that people may have 2 computers.

    so you don't have any problems? Weird.

    Well I guess it's just my Gamepad then, oh well. I'll have to stick to playing 'joypad' games on my PS2 and GameCube.

    Thanks anyway.

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