Abit KT7-HPT BIOS- Version Question

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by MeanGene, Dec 15, 2001.

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    I noticed that the HPT BIOS was the newer version in some of the pre KT7 64 BIOS updates. Does anyone know why they went back to an earlier version of the HPT BIOS?

    Beta bios for KT7/KT7-RAID/KT7A/KT7A-RAID/KT7E

    !!! For Evaluation Only !!!

    0. Based on beta BIOS KT7_3R.B01
    1. Update BIOS code.
    2. Enhance ISA PnP compatibility.
    3. Enhance SCSI adapters compatibility.
    4. Add 1400(133) Athlon support for KT7A/KT7A-RAID.

    7. Change HPT BIOS to 1.20.0612 for KT7-RAID/KT7A-RAID. This BIOS version is also for non RAID boards and HPT BIOS will be
    automatically disabled while RAID controller chip not detected.
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    I have the KT7-Raid too. This is the first time i've seen anything past the HPT 370 RAID BIOS version 1.11.0402. Where did you get the beta copy? could you supply a link for me? I'd like to look at the source.

    I've been waiting for abit to catch up to highpoint with their flash utility. The newest abit has is the version i have listed above. Highpoint's "XP compatible" bios and drivers is version 2.0.0919.

    The links I'm referring to, respectively:



    The beta copy you're showing is still 1 version behind Highpoint, and is probably the reason it's never been posted as official because it's not the "XP" version, but that's a guess.

    Oh, one thing to remember with highpoint drivers and bios. Use the "paired" versions. Bios version 1.11.0402 is paired with the 1.11.0512 driver (the only mismatch in the list at highpoint)
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    I am using Highpoint drivers 2.0.1008. Running just fine here
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    This can get a little confusing, but there are XP HighPoint Drivers that are loaded into the OS, and there are HighPoint BIOS Flash Updates that are matted to the OS Drivers. When the HIghpoint controller is embedded into the MB you use the MB BIOS flash to update both the MB BIOS and the HPT controller. We have the latest OS drivers. What is hard to find is the latest HPT BIOS update to match the OS drivers. That is something that only Abit can provide.
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    The ones I downloaded have the drivers for 9x/NT/2k/XP and a folder that contains a BIOS. Could it be a match? According to the readme.txt the BIOS and the drivers go together. I didn't use the BIOS though. Should I have? I mean my setup is running just fine. Is this BIOS only if you are running RAID? I'm using mine has ATA100

    Here's the drivers and such..check it out.
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    Here ya guys go
    A link so you can see where I found a newer beta version at.Highpoint Drivers

    And the drivers thmselves

    Here's another NEWER beta version (Look on right under Highpoint)Highpoint Drivers
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    I am using the 2.0.1019.0 drivers for the XP OS. The problem is that the BIOS for the HighPoint controller with these drivers is not for the Abit MB but for a add-in PCI controller card, like the Hot-Rod that has the HPT 370 controller on it. The Load.exe will not work on the Abit MB. So we are stuck with whatever comes with the Abit BIOS now at KT764 and the earler 1.11.0402 HPT BIOS.
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    ahhh ok gotcha...so how are they running? Ever ran 1008? How do they compare?
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    I updated to the 1203 HPT drivers, but I have not seen any difference in performance. I think it is just to fix certain problems.

    Revision History:
    v2.0.1203 03Dec2001
    o Fixed the issue about ATA133 disk over clock fail
    o Fixed the bug of GUI can not set transfer mode of disk on Hpt372

    v2.0.1019 19Oct2001
    o Fixed the bug of Seagate ST340016A HDD R/W error on HPT372
    o Fixed bug on supporting Rocket Mate

    v2.0.1008 10Oct2001
    o Fixed the bug of some Seagate series HDD can't install System on HPT372