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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Bleakboy, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Bleakboy

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    Just purchased a new motherboard / case / cpu

    plugged in the Motherboard into the case, and installed CPU , Ram etc...

    Board starts up and says 8d on the onboard error display, and then shut's down to 9f, have look all around the net for this problem and have email abit but still no answers

    I have tried 2 psu's, 4 different ram sticks, 2 x graphics cards, out of the case, really pulling my hair out over this, the only to things that have not been changed are the following Chip and case.

    Spec is AV8 Motherboard
    CPU AMD 64 3200+
    128mb ATI 9550 GFX
    512MB Kingston PC3200 Ram

    Please anyhelp would be recomened before it goes out the window thanks
  2. mlakrid

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    Dumb questions but did you install the motherboard stand offs in the case before installing the motherboard?

    I know it seems like a silly questions, but we have to ask things like this.

    Also, besides seeing an onboard error display do you hear any beeps before the display?

    If so, how many and how are they in duration?

    AS IN: 2 short, one long, etc...
  3. mlakrid

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    Look HERE for the code list

    8D is listed as: 8D - 1.enable/disable parity check according to CMOS setup

    and NO 9F listing..
  4. Mastershakes

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    8D - 1.enable/disable parity check according to CMOS setup - so perhaps adjust this value in BIOS?

    The other one is multi-faceted, think mlakrid may be on right track...

    Post code 9.F means a forced shutdown for a few reasons. The most common are:
    1. Grounding problem with your case - Your motherboard is seated improperly on the brass motherboard standoffs, and it is causing a short on the motherboard. This can also affect how well any expansion cards or video cards sit in their slots. Try reseating the motherboard or booting it outside the case on a non-metal surface (preferably the non-static bag it was wrapped in).
    If its still shorting out when you place it in the case, try using the plastic or paper spacers that sometimes come with a case, or using big squares of electrical tape on top of the standoffs and screw right through them.
    2. No fan plugged into cpu fan header - You need a fan (any small fan will do) plugged into the CPU fan header initially until you turn off fan monitoring in the bios.
    3. ATX 12v connector unplugged - You forgot to plug in the square 4 pin power plug with 2 yellow and 2 black wires. It is located behind the heatsink bracket, near the top left corner of the motherboard. THIS THE MOST COMMON CODE 9.F PROBLEM.
    4. Heatsink bracket overtightened - The screws should only be barely tightened, NOT tightened to the point the screws can't turn anymore. When overtightened, it will cause the motherboard to warp near the RAM sockets, and the RAM will not seat properly (especially in the middle). Make sure and support the board with your fingers underneath the RAM sockets gently applying pressure while you insert the RAM. This problem is also associated with code 0.4
    5. The only other issue that code 9.F refers to is insufficient power. Make sure your PSU meets the minimum requirements of atleast 350 to 400 watts and 18-20 amps on the 12v rail. For High-end setups with multiple hard drives, high-end video cards (especially Geforce 6xxx series), multiple case fans and/or lights, make sure you have atleast 400 watts and 22 to 24 amps on the 12v rail. If the PSU has 2 rails, add them and make sure they meet the minimum."
  5. Bleakboy

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    thanks for all the quick reply's right answers

    The Motherboard was fitted with all the correct board stands, i made sure that all the stands was in the case before i installed the motherboard.

    There are no beebs as the case does not have a internal speaker all though will try that later tonight, but might try in the moring as this board has completely exhausted me looking for reason's why

    this is the abit article on there support site


    in terms of plugs, i have correct put in both power leads to the board, and there is a cpu fan connect but could try another fan just incase this fan has a short in it? but it does spin. as or psu tried to psu's one 550w, and another 400w psu's but i will check on amps. this could be the problem.

    But thanks for all the help so far
  6. Mastershakes

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    No problemo, let us know how it turns out.
  7. mlakrid

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    Neither of those PSUs would get overdriven, even if there was a problem with the mobo or CPU... they could both handle plenty more before they had a PSU mandatded shutdown... overvoltage, short, etc...

    Also when you power on make sure you see the lights on the keyboard flash!

    even though its frustrating, I would, in this order:

    1) Ensure the switch for power (if applicable) is set to 110 not 220 volts AC and TURNED OFF and remove power cord.

    2) Remove all connections, and one by one make sure no pins are pushed in on the plug/connector and then make sure no bent pins on the socket you are plugging the cable into.

    3) remove the Mobo from the case, ensure all the standoffs are approximately the same length, and that you dont have any exxtra in places were you dont need screws for YOUR MOBO type...

    4) WARNING: IF you have never done before this DO NOT ATTEMPT without help/supervision: remove the HSF (heat Sink Fan) and the CPU

    5) Ensure there are no bent pins on the CPU, clean off HSF and CPU, reapply thermal paste, and reseat CPU, and re-attach HSF

    6) Place the board back into the case, but do NOT screw it down, leave the case lying on its side, re-attach all cables, and retry powering on again

    if this doesnt work check: that all off-sets or stand-offs match the Mobo screw positionsings, and that you have NO extras....

    I know this is alot, and believe it or not, this is ONLY what I thought of off the top of my head, alot of PC experience, from waaaay back building my first pc with a TYAN mobo and a cyrix 6x86 processor, I failed like three times to get my system up and running, but it taught me alot about PCs and after that, I wasnt afraid of them anymore, sometimes, I think my life was soo much simpler when I thought PCs were an evil, dangerous thing..

    Hehe :D
  8. LeeJend

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    -Pull the MB out of the case.
    -Set it on the cardboard box it came in.
    -Connect the MB power connector and the MB 12V auxilliary connector.
    -Put in one stick of RAM in SLOT 0.
    -Plug in the mouse and keyboard.
    -Put in the video card and make sure any auxiliary power connectors are connected to the video card (right side up!).
    -Connect the case switch to the MB switch connector (SW not RST)!

    Boot and see if it POSTs. If it does not POST:
    -Check that keyboard lights flash and optical mouse lights up.
    -Check that MB and video card fans spin

    Try a different PSU. If it still does not POST CPU or MB is DOA.
  9. Bleakboy

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    Hi thanks for all the reply's again

    right took everything apart today, I then did excatly as LeeJend says, and still gives me the 8.d error then goes to 9c, then 9f and switches off, so the only 2 parts that i am not sure if they work at 1, the motherboard, or 2 the CPU?

    If i get chance will take the CPU round to a friends house? or do you think the m/b is DOA? the cpu fan does spin when you switch the board on.

    Really puzzling me.
  10. rahjr2k

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    I'm also having a very similar problem... except that my computer has worked fine up until today. Today while using it, it just shut down, no blue screen or anything. Now when I push the power button, it kicks off instantly. (There are lights and whatnot on the Mobo that flash on for a second (which is normal) but immediately everything kicks off. I get the 8d error, followed by 9c and ending with 9F.

    The only thing that I've noticed is the fan on the power supply doesn't start spinning like other fans do... but if the PS is dead, would that little bit of "start up" (fans start to spin, lights flash on, etc) happen? I'm kind of confused about why this is happening.

    I've used this computer for almost a year now. Recently, I've had it crash like this but after half an hour, it would start working again just fine. On any of those times (maybe 3 of them) I couldn't figure out anything wrong either.

    any help would be appreciated.
  11. mfontanez

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    I am also having the same problem you are having. Did you ever find a solution?