a7v133 temps to high?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by wyrlwyn, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. wyrlwyn

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    my motherboard monitor is showing my cpu temperature(1000mhz athlon) as 114F(idle) and 122F(load). my motherboard temps are a steady 86F all the time. is this casue windows xp likes to run hot, or is my motherboard sensors just bogus? i have a standard fan, i might pick on up a new one... i haven't had to much luck installing new fans...
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    those temps are fine

    114 f on your cpu is about 43c and thats just fine,it should never go over 60c.
    and your mobo is way cool, about 28c, the mobo should never go over 45c. so you have nothing to worry about.;)
  3. wyrlwyn

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    i have an antec server tower, and it came witha fan built on the side of the case, its got 2 fans on the rear, and an intake fan in from of 2 7200 ide drives. i read over at a7vtroubleshooting.com that the mobo sensor on the mobo i have reads slitely higher then it actually is, but it seems like alot to me. would getting a new cpu fan help out(and by how much)
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    I wouldn't worry too much. I am sitting at 123F or 51C right now. A7A266 mobo., 1.4 T-bird ,Volcano 7 HSF. If you do want to goto a new cpu fan, might I suggest the Thermatake Volcano 7.