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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Anakist, May 7, 2003.

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    I have my new mobo on the way and I am wondering what else I need to get. What are the onboard gfx and sfx like? I am pricing a GeForce MX440 card do I need it? I am prolly getting a 2100+ and I will be playing Q3A, Warcraft 3, Total Annihilation, and Diablo 2.

  2. Taurus

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    the a7n8x doesn't have onboard video. only nforce2 boards with the IGP northbridge have that which is about equal to a gf4 mx440, i think . most have the SPP though, like the a7n8x, and no onboard video.

    if you're going to be playing 3d games, i suggest something with a little more oomph. also something with at least dx8 hardware support. the mx440 is a dx7 card and essentially a gf2. go for a gf3 or gf4 ti4200.

    the a7n8x's onboard sound will be fine for you, i believe.