a windows update is for IE. i have AOL. should i D/L it?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vadislav, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. vadislav

    vadislav Guest

    a windows update is for internet explorer. i'm on AOL. should i download it?
    it say's it could mess up windows if i don't.
    anyone have experience with this?
    a lot of time's when i download update's, it mess's up my PC and i have to use system restore.
  2. Bman

    Bman OSNN Veteran Original

    Ottawa, Ontario
    is your computer customized alot, like lots of things changed in the registry?

    I changed my msn so that it wont load, "messengerOFF' and one time when i got an update it added another messenger and then i started to get all kinds of problems!
  3. vadislav

    vadislav Guest

    i don't think so. i only D/L outpost firewall, spybot search & destroy.
  4. sdibias

    sdibias Guest

    You should rid that filth from your computer right away.. AOL that is.. ;)