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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Emeritus, Jul 27, 2002.

  1. Emeritus

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    My system:

    ABit KT7A-RAID v1.3
    Athlon Thunderbird 1Ghz w/Mini Super Orb
    256MB PC133 SDRAM
    Voodoo 5 5500 AGP
    Soundblaster Live! Value PCI
    Netgear FA310TX 10/100 NIC
    Maxtor 20, 30 & 80GB ATA100 HDs
    Kenwood True-X 72x CD-ROM
    Plextor 40/12/40 CD-RW
    HiPro 300W Power Supply

    Running 98SE & XP Home

    When I power off my system, I have to wait anywhere from 15mins. to an hour, before it will turn on. This has happened with this MB and version 1.0 MB of the same type. Even before I added the bigger HDs. Otherwise the system works great!!!

    Any ideas?

    Thanx in advance!
  2. omgsoup

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    never turn off your computer
  3. Trev

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    My only guess is your powersuply, 300W doesn't seem to be enuf to be running the V5 fans, 2 cd drives, HD, and w/e else u got on there.
  4. Trev

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    what do u mean catch23? my computers fine powering off :p its Emeritus that isn't
  5. chastity

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    Well it could be related to heat build up in the case. I also agree that the power supply could be the problem. But I think its the video card cause it draws its power from the power supply to run the cooling fans as to using the voltage off the motherboard. First thing I would try is if I had an extra video card laying around install it and see what happens. If that is not an option go with a bigger power supply. And if stall a problem try getting more air flow through the case
  6. Emeritus

    Emeritus Guest

    Thanx for the quick replies!

    Heat has never been an issue in the system. I can use my wife's video card to do a test. I'll see what happens. I have to wait until she is not using her system of course!
  7. boolseye

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    Had a similar problem the other day in the shop. Turned out to be the Athlon XP2000+ Processor. First & only time I have seen this problem. The processor finally died the death. AMD approved our RMA within hours & we have shipped it back. Should get a new one next week. I have worked on Thousands of systems and I have only seen this one time. However the symptoms were essentially the same as yours. The OS was erratic for about a week before the processor died. I would say the post that pointed out it could be a video card or Power Supply since it seems to be heat related is on the right track. You might want to try some "Freeze Spray" if you have access to some to cool down components in your system. You might be able to isolate the cause of the problem. Radio Shack used to carry it. A good electronics Parts store should have some also. You might also check the Fan Abit put on the Motherboard chip (Northbridge) & see if it is working properly. Also make sure the Orb Fan is not too big and pushing components out of the way on the MB.

    Best of luck too you.
  8. Goatman

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    I had a problem like that with my bro's PC PIII 450. we tracked it down the the PS, we think it was a bad PS. It fixed the problem as soon as we replaced the PS with a new one (of the same Wattage)
  9. dijital

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    if i remember correctly, isnt the voodoo 5 a power grubbing monster?
  10. Emeritus

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    Either today or tomorrow I will be swapping video cards to test whether the voodoo 5 is the culprit, or at least whether the PS is bad or not.

    Thanx everyone for your responses.

    It took me a while before I decided to register. I am glad I did. Its a great board!!! :D