A way to stop programs from shutting down computer?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kc0eks, May 14, 2002.

  1. kc0eks

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    anyone know of a program tweak or otherwise that will not allow a program to shut down the computer? mainly make it so only i can shut it down. Norton and a few others make you when you update etc....thanks
  2. Lonman

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    Yeah, but you have to re-boot 4 times before it takes.

    j/k. The reason these things need to shut down and restart is because things are being written to the registry and won't load until you reboot.
  3. kc0eks

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    yes, and thanks.
    i understand the reason for it, but sometimes i wish not to restart when IT want to, i will do that on my own :)
  4. Lonman

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    That's pretty dependant on the program... some offer to re-boot later, others gotta have it now... go figure :confused:
  5. ChrissiCom

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    run the task manager with ctrl-alt-del and end the task for the program which wants to restart. That works for example for Symantec Live Update (Norton). This way you can finish off the app and restart later when you're ready to :)
  6. Piett

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    There are alot of programs that say that they can stop your computer from rebooting, such as after a program instalation. Emazing talks about one here. The link to the program is here.

    I have not used this program, so i don't not know how well it works, but it might be worth trying out.

    Note: it does need the VB runtimes.
  7. kc0eks

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    thanks for the help everyone, gonna try out the program piett recomeded..
    thanks again
  8. CheetoBales

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    Are you talking about after an installation, or just basically says "Screw it" for what seems to be no apparent reason?

    If it is because of installations it is because of the registry changes, if it is for what seems to be no apparent reason, then some error caused this.

    XP turns off certain ports autmatically, especially with your CD, or CD writer. It automatically reboots unless you tell it not too due to port issues and bios I/O problems.

    To turn off the automatically reboot on error, go to:

    Right click My computer
    select Advanced tab
    select StartUp and Recovery/Settings
    then uncheck the box that says "Automatic Restart"

    This may cause your system to lock up or blue screen when an error occurs, but at least you will know something went wrong.

    If you are using XP Pro you should be able to check your Administrative Tools, Event Viewer, Application and double click on the last red stop sign in the viewer and read what went wrong. Also, get the Event ID: # and then:

    To fix the error go to: http://www.microsoft/technet/

    and type in the Event ID: # in the search box and then read what went wrong and how to fix it.

  9. ExWhap

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    Check out this : http://www.tweakxp.com/tweakxp/display.asp?id=723 and look at the -a flag, maybe make some kind of batch file to use when programs wanna restart?!

    Ofcourse not saying it would work, but saying you might wanna give it a try =D