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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kino, Feb 4, 2002.

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    I have a new athlon xp,loaded with clean installment of xp,I have had nothing but grief from day 1 but have decided to carry on with a format,I have now reached a stage where I have optyimised my sytem to much to go back.

    Anyway my problem is that every now and then windows decides to reboot,I have since found out that xp is set by default to do this instead of blue screens,(no wonder they bragged you would never see a blue screen again)I have checked the errors in mini dump event logger and tried to get help online via microsoft but they say there is no other recoded problems.

    I have since tried the file repair tool and no help with that either,would an over write iwth xp again solve this problem,I used to do this with wind 98 and it worked great after wards,can it be done with xp,are there anyother repair options that would also help,thank you if you can help with this post.
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    To disable automatic reboot, go to control panel > system > Advanced > Startup and recovery > uncheck automatically restart.

    When you bsod you should get a 'stop: 0x00...' code of some sort or other. When it happens, either go do a search at Microsofts knowledge base with it, or post it here so we can help you out.
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    Thank you I will do that,sorry about my terrible spelling,I have been on the keyboard all day and posted a bit hasty.