A question for you Windows 2000 Server gurus out there....

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    I have 3 servers here that will be running an application through Terminal Services. The servers are running Windows 2000 Advanced Server and we need them to use load balancing across the three servers. I used the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 240997 to help me try to do this but something is still not working right apparently. Here is the pertinent information:

    TSESRV1 xxx.xxx.xxx.248
    TSESRV2 xxx.xxx.xxx.249
    TSESRV3 xxx.xxx.xxx.250
    TSECLUSTER xxx.xxx.xxx.246
    Subnet Mask is for all 4 IP addresses.

    So I went to the network properties of the network card on the live network TSESRV1 and checked the box beside Network Load Balancing and highlighted it and went to properties.

    The cluster parameters I entered are:
    Primary IP Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.246
    Subnet Mask:
    Full Internet Name: TSECLUSTER.somename.net
    Network Address: 03-bf-0a-c8-1a-f6
    Multicast Support: Enabled
    Remote Password:
    Confirm Password:
    Remote Control: Not Enabled

    The host parameters:
    Priority(Unique Host ID): 1
    Initial Cluster State: Active
    Dedicated IP Address: xxx.xxx.xxx.248
    Subnet Mask:

    Port Rules I left at default settings.

    I then went to properties of TCP/IP and then clicked the Advanced button and then clicked the Add button and added the xxx.xxx.xxx.246 address per the instructions I had.

    I did the above procedure on all 3 servers. The problem is...I can go to a command prompt on the individual servers and ping their IP address as well as the cluster IP address but when I try this from my workstation...I cannot get a response from the cluster IP address. I went back and checked and noticed the Cluster Service was not installed and when I tried to install it...it said that it didn't work in Application Mode....which I think the terminal services need to be in since there will be users running applications via terminal services.

    Anyone see a step I left out or anything? Any input would be appreciated.
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