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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PlagueWielder, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. Hey
    Does anybody know of a program that can lock (hide the desktop icons, and the taskbar) my computer and also disable the ctrl+alt+del, alt+F4 and alt+tab??

  2. sboulema

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    win key + L
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  4. WinXPMan

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    That only works on Windows XP, and that doesn't disable Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
  5. TechSupport

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    but if the PC is locked... you cant use ctrl+alt+del anyways ;)
  6. WinXPMan

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    In order to unlock a pc in Windows 2k/XP, you have to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and enter the user or an administrator password.
  7. TechSupport

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    that depends if you have "users must press ctrl+alt+delete to enter the username and password" enabled (which it isnt by default)

    and if you want to turn the ctrl+alt+delete OFF, then htf are you gonna log back in? That'd be a bit of a no-brainer really wouldnt it?
  8. WinXPMan

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    Ok, If Ctrl-Alt-Delete is not enabled, then the win-l key combination is the switch user mode where it takes you back to the welcome screen.....

    If enabled, I've already covered that.
  9. TechSupport

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    You could change how users log on/off and you have to type the username and password in. Although whichever way you lock the computer/log off, someone else can log in.
  10. I dont want to log off, if I would then I wouldnt have made this post.

    I found a program that does what I want but it doesnt disable the ctrl+alt+del.

    can someone please find one??

  11. TechSupport

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    why exactly do you need to disable the ctrl+alt+delete combo anyway?
  12. yoyo

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    If you have Fast User Switching enabled, i.e. you use the welcome screen, Windows key+L doesn't log you off. Your running programs keep on running. Ctr+alt+del is disabled and with a little registry tweak you can remove the shutdown option from the screen.
    As TechSupport said giving a little more details about what you are trying to achieve would probably help.
  13. Heres what I want to do:

    I just want to be able to lock my computer for a couple of hours (no logging off) and when I come back just click on a combination of keys or enter a password and the computer will be unlocked.

    I dont want to log off or switch user cause I dont want anybody using the computer while I'm not there.

    This program has to be able to hide the taskbar and desktop icons and disable all the combinations I have mentioned.

    note: I have found a program that does what I want but it doesnt disable the ctrl+alt+del combination so anyone can just shut down the program and use the computer.

  14. WinXPMan

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    Considering you're running Windows XP, here is what you do.

    First, go to the Control Panel, User Account, Change the Way Users Log on and Off and unselect the Fast User Switch and Use Welcome Screen.

    Second, if Using Windows XP Professional, go to Start, Run, type in secpol.msc and press enter. Under Local Policies, Security Options, Select "Interactive Logon: Do not require Ctrl-Alt-Delete"--Set this policy to Disabled.

    Make sure that you are the only administrator on the computer, and then use the WinKey-L to lock the computer. The complete desktop disappears and there is a message that says something to the following:

    The computer in use has been locked. Only \\compname\username or an administrator can unlock the computer, please enter a password. (That's after you press Ctrl-Alt-Delete)

    This works for Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional, I'm not sure about XP Home cause the MMC is disabled in XP Home.

    Hope it helps.