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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Markoul, Jan 7, 2003.

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    I don't know how or when this happened but after a point my XP Pro installation is refusing to run the sfc /scannow command. No virus in my system. Help and Support Service is refusing to start as well as the Upload Manager Service.

    Thank you


    Is there a way to run at least sfc /scannow so then i can heal my system. i think it must have been a malicious attack before i had installed SP1 through the Help & support Center venerability of XP
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    Hi, Welcome to NTFS. Could you possibly resize your image? There are quite a few members on dialup still and that will probably take ages for load for them.

    Thanx and again, welcome :)
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    Wish granted...sorry

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    Markoul , you've restored your system (from a crash) before all these ?

    Maybe some registry keys corrupted .. probably cause somethin' else I can't imagine now :confused:
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    Try this:


    Start the two Remote Procedure Call (RPC) services if they haven't been started already, and try again.
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    none of these solutions is working.

    Yes i had recovered from a serious crash.
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    Already did that, no go:(

    Thank You for your efforts
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    no, same as before no go.

    However, i discovered something interesting. I think my installation is f****d up but i see it more as a challenge. Last night i downloaded File Monitor from sysinternals and i have find out that whenever i have tried to start the Help and support service of windows XP the path to the pchsvc.dll was not found so it must be wrong.

    I then did research in the registry and have found that the global environmental parameter WINDIR was incorrectly assigned to WINDIR=c:/ :eek: so i changed it manually to WINDIR=c:/windows as it should be.

    Now Help and Support Service and Upload Manager services are starting normally but still the Help and Support Center console is not coming up when i press the F1 key...strange!!:confused:

    The Sfc /scannow command is a different story. Filemonitor showed me that everything is loading fine except that the sfc.exe.manifest and sfc.exe.local attributes are not found!!

    I think a good solution would be to make the sfc /scannow command running again and then let it take care and resurrect the system...what do you think??

    I never came across a such difficult problem...

    I am running a Windows XP SP1 (including all the latest SP2 hotfixes) US English installation.

    Thank you Guys
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    welcome to ntfs. :)

    too words dude...format time! ;)
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    I thought an ET like you to come up with a smarter idea...