A nun and the miracle of golf

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    A nun goes to confession. "forgive me father, for I have used horrible language today, she says.
    "Go on," the priest says.
    "Well,"the nun continues. "I was golfing and hit this incredible drive, but itstruck a phone line and fell short after about 100 yards"
    "And so you swore?" the priest asks.
    "No," the nun says. "After that, a squirrel came out and stole my ball."
    "And then did you swear?" asks the priest.
    "Well,no," the nun says. "Then, an eagle swooped down and grabbed thesquirrel in his talons. As they flew away, the squirrel dropped myball."
    "And then you swore?" the priest asks.
    "No," she continues, "The ball fell on a big rock, rolled onto the green, and stopped 6 inches form the hole."
    The priest is silent for a moment, and then finally says "You missed the f**king putt, didn't you?"
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    oooooh, blaspheme a 6 inch putt, I'd do it too!! :laugh:
  3. hahahahhaha, man when i saw the tittle in the forum i was like what is that but it quickly hit to my mind must be ZeroHour with another joke
    that was funny keep it up