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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by DrX, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. DrX

    DrX Guest

    Ok whats a normal day for you ?

    heres me :

    -up @ 7:00am
    -Coffee and serial
    -Login to my Locked PC
    -Fire up an Australian Radio station on media player (Triple J)
    -Check my MSN mails and see whos online on messenger
    -See if my downloads are finished or still going
    -Check XP-erience.org Front page for my daily news hit
    -Then look through the forums here
    -Chat with some friends on MSN
    -Go to work (8:30)

    After Work 5:30pm

    -check XP-erience again
    -play counterstrike
    -Look for some cool MP3 to download

    Dinner time - 7:00pm
    -fire up some MP3
    -chat on MSN
    -Check XPerience front page and forums
    -play around with Photoshop
    -another 3 hours of Quake or Counterstrike
    -Queue my downloads for the night


    -Go to bed

    Thats my avg day :)

    whats yours ?
  2. gothic

    gothic LinuXPert

    Cornwall Nr. England
    much the same except that I play commandos II or NFS 5, and that on some days my work starts at 0245 a.m. (milkman)
  3. Bytes Back

    Bytes Back Ex Police Chief

    Is it possible, maybe, that you don't have a wife and kids :)
  4. Ves007

    Ves007 Guest

    With all respect but when do you have sex?
    I mean with another person
  5. Highwind7777

    Highwind7777 Guest

    roflroflroflroflrofl!!! HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY VES007!!!
  6. Smokie

    Smokie A Proud Australian

    Townsville, Qld, Australia

    Why use the computer to do that or don't you have a radio? Just curios.
  7. JJB6486

    JJB6486 Retired Mod Political User

    West Lafayette, IN, USA
    My Day:

    07:00 - Wake Up
    07:01 - Turn On PC
    07:02-07:12 - Shower
    07:12-07:20 - Log On To PC, log into IRC, AIM, and MSN, check email
    07:20 - Leave for school
    15:00 - Return home from school
    15:15-17:00 or so - Work on some days, TV/Computer Gaming on off days
    17:30-18:00 - Dinner
    18:00-19:00 - Homework
    19:00-21:00 - TV/Computer Gaming
    21:00-21:30 - Watch News
    21:30-22:00 - Watch Late Night Talk Shows
    22:00 - Turn Off PC and go to sleep

    Any other free time is usually spend playing Counter-Strike or helping people on IRC with XP problems in the Official XP-erience.org chat room (#xperience on EFnet)
  8. DrX

    DrX Guest

    i dont have sex yet .... maybe soon :D

    I dont think the Triple J radio station in Aussie reaches to the east coast of the united states ...... we moved here a few months ago..
  9. Smokie

    Smokie A Proud Australian

    Townsville, Qld, Australia
    And I thought most expat Aussies left Australia because of Triple J. Thought you would listen to the ABC?? :D

    If you explain so clearly that no one can possibly misunderstand, someone will.
  10. MdSalih

    MdSalih The Boss

    Birmingham, UK
    erm... i'm not an organized person... do what ever when ever ;)

  11. AndyP

    AndyP OSNN Senior Addict

    Ok here comes my "day", since I go to university, the days are very different with lectures to different times, but say a typical Monday:
    10:00 - Up
    11:10 - Shower
    11.20 - Food + PC turned on
    11.25 - Check news/forum on xp-erience.org + different sites
    11.55 - Drives to school
    17:00 - Home again, check xp-erience.org + others
    17.10 - Dinner
    18.00 - Off to the Gym
    19.30 - Home, does some Java/Unix (school)
    20.30 - Off to the Pub:) (Just chatting...) or watching telly
    22.00 - Home, check websites for news/forum + some gaming + irc ++ :p
    00:00 - Watching "Married with the kids"
    01:00 - Bedtime

    In between is of course some additional TV-watching....
  12. Ves007

    Ves007 Guest

    Well i respect you DrX casue i can't even keep to a schedule let stand make one.
  13. Khayman

    Khayman I'm sorry Hal... Political User Folding Team

    Average day. on occasion when a life decides to turn up at my door, it may change

    7:00 - get up, turn on pc
    7:05 have shower
    7:15 check mail, and xp-erience fourms and news page
    7:30 turn of computer, go to work
    17:00 get home, turn on computer
    17:05 check mail, and xp-erience fourms and news page
    17:15 browse regular news pages about movies and dvds
    17:30 untill fall unconsious. play TFC, interspersed with TV and DVD's

    lather rinse repeat