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    So my job isn't getting any better. The market for computer technicians is weak, and its going to stay that way as more companies figure out that you can pay a kid fresh out of school $12/hr and train them rather than paying someone experienced what they are actually worth. So these facts got me thinking... Maybe I should change up what I do.

    I've seen a lot of ads lately looking for people who know PHP or CSS or even HTML. I know none of this. But I'm willing to learn. So lets say I want to run to Barnes and Noble and buy some books and study my @$$ off. Where do I begin? Do you need a foundation in one thing to learn the others. I would guess knowing HTML is required but I don't know. It's been a while since I last had to do any programming but I know I can pick it back up. I just want to know where to begin.

    I don't know, maybe I'm just so desperate to get out of this job that I'm pursuing a pipe dream. Thoughts?
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    Html 4 Dummies. Also you will need some CSS books, most come with CSS in them also.
    As for PHP, been studying that off and on myself.

    Learning never stops, but you can always grow into more abilities, and those are always helpful.
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