A more configurable alternative to MS Internet Connection Sharing!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by waddy, Dec 12, 2001.

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    Just trying it out on an old PC i have lying around

    Hes explained it so damn well even a dummy like me cant go wrong


    Thanks to XP-erience and Xtrecate i can have a router :p
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    works great!

    Hey there, just wanted to let everyone know, I've got it up and running, but I did have some issues, so if anyone is having trouble, maybe I can help out.


    I have not noticed any drop in throughput, web pages load quickly, I have yet to try an online quakefest, so we'll see. As someone already noted, the setup is a breeze, as long as you ID the NIC correctly (ahem) and get the cabling right.

    See, now if Microsoft made stuff like this, maybe people would get off their backs a bit. I still cannot believe there is no HD in that machine (which makes it very very quiet BTW).

    Thanks again to Xtrecate, who helped me through some of the problems. Thank god I found this site, I've found more nuggets like this than anywhere else, and there are a lot of clones out there.


    Dotbatman, live from the BBIagent router.

    p.s. when you log in to the router, the password IS case sensitive, and it won't tell you if your password is wrong, it'll just sit there. make sure you type "BBIagent".
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    one prob

    to AlecStaar:

    you could probably do this with Lego if you tried hard enough!

    ha ha ha ha, JK.

    For me, it's just the ease of use, and the fact that I don't need any hardware other than a couple of NICs and an old machine.

    Yer right though, you are not going to get the feature set of a full Linux distro or NT Server.

    Now the problem, if anyone can help. I can ping both ways between the machines that are connected to the router (through a hub), but I cannot browse the network or map a drive or anything. They both have F&PS enabled, and permissions are everyone full control. Both machines are members of "workgroup", and their names are unique.

    Any thoughts? The documentation at the BBI site does not cover all of the router configuration options, is there any way to get a more complete set?
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    Yes, two Windows machines. Both are running XP Pro. I had trouble before I started using the router, so I am not sure that is what's causing the problem. The subnet masks are the same.

    One thing I'm thinking, is it possible that for F&PS to work under XP, do you have to use Microsoft's default IP addressing scheme? It always defaults to 192.168.0.x. I have not tried the home networking wizard, because I do not trust it.

    Thanks for writing back!
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    Other Helpful Things..

    AlecStar is correct in saying that full Linux will do the same thing, but the purpose of this was so that one might carry their router to work in a shirt pocket, and because this is a great introduction to Linux systems and routing, which does not require a background and functional understanding of Linux, as does the full distro.

    Couple things that may help anyone with problems:

    Your internal LAN subnet mask will nearly always be, this applies to everyone with 254 computers or less.

    If you have any DNS problems, or just want to speed up DNS queries a bit and take some load of the router, then you can instruct WinXP to perform its own DNS queries, rather than first query the router, then have the router query DNS.
    To do this right click on My Network Places, and choose properties of whichever is your main internet connection (through the router...probably is Connection 1 [Most will only have one there anyways]). Once in that, choose TCP/IP and click properties. Click the radio box which says 'Use these DNS servers', and enter the IP addresses from before. Windows XP will perform its own lookups, and this will resolve hostname problems that you might have with games. It will also alleviate some of the load on the router (not that it really matters, routing does not take much of the systems resources.)

    Be sure to let I.E. know to connect through the LAN, as opposed to dialing out or using PPPoE. Do this by opening I.E., and selecting Tools>Internet Options , and then selecting LAN Settings at the bottom.

    Keep posting problems, I'm going to post a NAT tutorial for BBIagent in a day or so, which will let you forward ports on the router. (Read: Host a website from inside your LAN).

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    hello, can anyody tell me what the hell this does...like i don't get it.... it's to wierd for me...

    EDIT: do i enter the right information in the form, or just made up ip addressess and stuff?
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    You definitely need to enter the right type of NIC, and you should also enter the right amount of RAM, but the rest I would leave as is. The best instructions are the ones posted by Xtrecate in the original news story, but they've been pushed off the main page so you might have to see if you can go back to see older news.

    What it does is allow you to connect to the internet through the router, instead of directly. The main reason you would want to do this is if you have more than one computer that you want to have access to the internet, but also if you want to give yourself an added level of security without installing a firewall on your PC.
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    West Lafayette, IN, USA
    HOLY S***, a router on a floppy. What will they thing of next?

    I tested this thing and is does work with my Static IP cable. Pretty neat :D

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    Now, can I leave DHCP running on the router so that I still get DNS info and such, but use static IPs on my two Windows boxes? I'm not even sure why static IPs would work if dynamic ones don't.

    ***actually, if I disable the DHCP client, I won't get DNS from the router anymore, right?***

    And no firewalls are running anywhere. I've disabled Zone Alarm and the built in. Could I maybe enable WINS on the router? I'm a little rusty on that, so if you think it might help, lemme know.

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    Everything will still work fine if you use static IPs on the client machines, while still keeping DHCP server active on the router. If you use a static IP address, I believe you must also enter the DNS manually, you cannot have static IP/Dynamic DNS. You can however have Dynamic IP/Static DNS.
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    Not to brag or anything...but I've used this (or another form) over a year ago, if memory serves. I assume this, as well as the one I'd used before, is based off of the LRP, or linux router project, whose goal it was (is) to get a router on a floppy with as little configuration as possible. If you do a search on YDFG (your dear friend google) for LRP or Linux Router Project you should pull up boatloads of info.
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    it says it can't write the img to my floppy drive....any ideaz

    i formatted it and everything


    edit: now for some reason, it says the disk isn't formatted, when it IS FORMATTEd
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    ok, i'll give it a go...I just get nervous once i've got it all working mostly, but I know you are right, what's the worst that can happen?

    uh, forget I said that...
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    why won't this thing work...i know i already said this...but i am again...

    i format the disk, then i goto the program, and clcik on the folder, and click on the .img thing...
    then click on write, and it says, 'unable to write to disk'
    THEN...when i clcik on write again, it says 'no disk inserted or drive a isn't formated'

    sooo... what am i suppose to do....i tryed like 5 other floppys
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    Dazz: Read the comments on the news post on the front page. One of the comments there outlines exactly how to overcome the problem you speak of.
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    okay, I tried static IP and DNS, and whew! the internet was still accessible. In fact, unfortunately, very little at all changed. Now node1 (computer name) can see node2, but cannot access it's shared dir. Error message is "network path not found". Sometimes, I cannot even see the contents of the workgroup (named workgroup, of course).

    dees ees getting frustrating, but I think I am dealing with something other than TCP/IP. What about enabling WINS on the router? Is there something about 2 XP boxes (yes, they are separate licenses)? I am going to play Wolfenstein and forget about this for awhile.
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    Re: DAMN

    here is a text file containing all of the instructions, including how to get around the BBIwrite problem. this way, you won't have to keep coming back to the news page.
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    don't see anything peeps...whats going on
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    hmmm sorry, could've sworn I clicked on the attach thing, lemme try this again.