A little help with temperatures please

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Nick M, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. Nick M

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    Yes, I'm stupid, or maybe it's just the fever I have, but, I got this temperature read out, and I'm confused...what's at 80C? My mother board? It sure doesn't feel that hot....please check out the attachement, it's small, and it's a picture of the read out...
  2. 80 celcius?

    i'm not sure but C=(F-32)x5/9

    should be that formula
  3. Iceman

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    80C = 176 F way way to hot and it's most likely ur CPU

  4. Little-Moe

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    OH CRAP! mine just hit 32 C

    /me runs around room wildly screaming and waving arms.
  5. Nick M

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  6. Mark Richter

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    Geez it must suck to be me.

    Even if ambiant temperature in room is 90F
    computer never gets above 112F

    Right now 91F inside case and CPU

    P4 1.8a, Intel MB, cd burner, 2 hds, dvd player, GF3-ti200 and 1GB ram
  7. AcftMecH

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    well, i think your settings are off in whatever program you are using. this is my reasons why i think this:

    1. mainboard =80C. That is probably your cpu. I dont think i have ever seen a mainboard that is higher than a cpu.

    2. even if this is saying your cpu is 80C, i think it would fry at that point. you mentioned your bios reads 60C, thats not great, but definately more reasonable. They always say to go by the bios, not your software.

    3. your fan speed isnt even reading the CPU fan. Is it spinning?

    Check your sensor settings in your software, they are wrong!