A geeks worst nightmare (true BLAG horror)

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Mainframeguy, May 17, 2009.

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    last week at my new job a colleague was telling me about the BLAG meeting they had been at... and the main man at BLAG had just got back online....

    But the horror story is what took him offline... And it makes the burglary I suffered and the loss of my mobile computing pale by comparison.

    Apparently this guy was raided and had EVERY computer in the house stolen, so all desktops, servers, laptops, netbooks - the whole show was gone. Of course this took out all his encryption keys and suchlike with it....

    I can remember how it felt losing my one main rig (I had accidentally migrated to the laptop because it was my only up to date dual core)... But I was mighty glad they left me the server and desktops. Even then my experience meant I was offline for a few weeks...

    Personally I'm impressed it has only taken him six months to resurface online again, but I bet he takes a different approach now and found the adjustment "interesting". There's nothing like this sort of thing to make you find out what is important and reconsider your backup strategy.

    But I reckon that must be as bad as it gets, I really felt for the guy when I heard about it. Made me even more mad with burglars, but this sounds like a very fishy kind of theft...
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    Bottom line.... Karma will catch up with those losers who stole your stuff. Just remember that.
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    I do computer-controlled video surveillance systems and one of the key features I like about some of these setups is the ability to ftp images to a remote server, so you could have a cam set up at your computer system and if they stole it, the last images would show who did it. Of course, nothing replaces a good ole Smith & Wesson security system. :smoker:
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