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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by MyBigToe, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. MyBigToe

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    Regularly, i have to turn my computer off, rather than shutting down, due to my modem, but thats unrelated.
    i just wanted to know if there was any way of turning off the Scandisk or "Cleanup" i have a 40gb hdd and an 80gb hdd and it takes around 10 mins for it to go through.

    Ive also seen that people have had a 30 sec wait on this cleanup before you can cancel it before it starts.
    now i have a window of about half a second to be able to press escape.

    either, is there away of disablin the scandisk, like there is in 98,
    or at least increase the wait?

    secondly, is there any way of stopping OE from using the Windows Messenger and putting those in my buddy list inthe contacts pane?

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    Sorry, can't be of some help to you, for I was just wondering the exact contrary: why on earth I can't get a scandisk when I cold reboot my computer ? I from time to time have to reset the pc, and I've never got a scandisk...
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    Not too sure about alot of what your asking, but I know how to stop OE from adding messenger contacts.

    Just open OE click the VIEW menu and LAYOUT from the menu. Then untick CONTACTS.. unfortunately this will turn off ALL contacts. But thats the only way I know.
  4. MyBigToe

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    ive tried that, but it still tries to start windows messenger...
  5. THEM

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    You could turn of scandisk, at bootstart...
    But it is highly recomanded taht you do not...

    Disk damage may not occure much, but your chances will increase rapidly when you don't do a scandisk run...

    If you want, I'll add a "turn scandisk off at boot" option in my XpSpider... (download it somewhere from this site then)
  6. MyBigToe

    MyBigToe Guest

    Re: scandisk...

    that would be good..so i can turn it on and off easily...
    and dont worry
    every week i let scandisk and defrag do its work while im off doing other things
  7. MyBigToe

    MyBigToe Guest

  8. convert to NTFS file system....NOW. I can't believe people still use FAT32 with XP.

    To put it VERY simply and briefly:
    With NTFS, shutting down won't potentially scatter data fragments. In FAT32, what you are undoubtlely using, does.

    To convert to NTFS, click Start, then Run, type "cmd" and hit enter, type exactly "convert c: /fs:ntfs" without the quotation marks, follow instructions. If the drive you are using isn't the 'C' drive, replace the "c:" with the appropriate drive letter. When your computer reboots (the last thing you are instructed to do), it'll take less than 7 minutes to convert. Enjoy.
  9. terrycur

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    Why don't you fix the modem issue so your system shuts down like it was designed to do ??........Scandisk is there for a reason....Even if you disable or bypass scandisk after an improper shutdown your OS may not be stable on re-boot which may cause a crash anyway. Post your modem info and what the problem is. Maybe someone here can assist you :)
  10. THEM

    THEM Guest


    Converting to NTFS pobably won't do any good...
    Scandisk won't start then either if it doesn't start for fat32.
    I even had to install a FIX to run scandisk for my NTFS drives...

    Anyway, XpSpider it's new version has a feature (al little experimental, but should work) that enables or disables NTFS and or FAT, FAT32 scandisk (at startup only)...
    Download it from http://www.ultrarip.webb.be
    Simply uncheck the "enable scandisk" option in the systems tab...

    NTFS is NOT recomanded for WindowsXp before the first service pack is out if you're not running a server or network... Why?

    1) It's Slower than FAT
    2) It requires at least 20MB of your disk...
    3) If you have a disk on your RAID controler in NTFS, preformance is degraded a LOT! (so I had to convert to FAT32 again with PartitionMagic)
    4) Altough your disk won't crash that easally, when it will, the damage is much bigger
    5) Windows preformance is helth back due to handeling of folder restrictions, compression and encryption
    6) You will need to update the ntfs.sys file from microsoft, if you do not want problems in the future
    7) You can only use NTFS in Windows 2k and Windows Xp

    Use NTFS if:

    1) You're running a broad nethwork
    2) You would like to encrypt or compress your files without any external application.
    3) Your disk is to fast, and you want to lose speed ;-) ?
  11. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler Guest

    Hi THEM,
    what proof do you have on your information regarding having disks on RAID controllers degrades performance ?
    I have all my disks on RAID controllers (not actually using RAID), and I haven't really noticed any degradation in general performance.
  12. THEM

    THEM Guest

    Here's proof!

    Don't beleave me huh?

    Well, see the problems with ntfs yourself...


    Again, preformance loss is only if your using RAID and NTFS disks...

    (PS: Can somebody help me with my problem to? see, "Monitor lines..." posted by THEM)
  13. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler Guest

    Hi THEM,
    I wasn't disbelieving you I just wanted to know if it was rumour or possible fact.
    Thanks for the info.
  14. MyBigToe

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    well i have an alcatel USB ADSL modem, which i installed no probs.. playing around on my first time after 30 mins, it disconnected.. i thought nothing of it..
    tried to reconnect, but the modem weasnt responding.
    no power going to the modem
    phoned support (i use that term lightly due to the fact that from what ive heard they havent answered a single call or email since this time i phoned them - for all users. no just me)

    aaanyway.. back to my problem
    so, they suggested an external USB hub, which i bought, no problem.. it lasts longer sometimes upto 12hrs (but sometimes, and more usually an hour or so), but not very good on a 24hr connection with big files.
    everytime i cant shut down, i have to turn off by power. causing scandisk, which i can only skip if i press escape in a half second gap...
    if not, it takes around 15mins to complete, usually without any errors being reported.

    i dont know who else to turn to.. installed the newest drivers, even the beta drivers, flashed my bios, installed new motherboard drivers.

    the only step now i can think of is a PCI USB hub...
    or new mobo/power supply
    i dunno.. im lost.

    ive asked questions in ng's
    all with the same reply
    "I had the same prob, but i had a VIA Chipset motherboard"
    which has known problems, which can be fixed
    i have an AMD chipset btw.

    if you need i can give full specs or whatever, btw, XP Pro build 2600 with all know updates installed.
  15. THEM

    THEM Guest

    What is your power supply?
    I have 2PCs here. My PC and an internet pc.
    On my PC my alcatell USB modem falls out after a short while, but on the internet PC not.
    This is because I have a 350W power supply on my PC, already an USB device on it (USB Uses a LOT of power) and my CPU and VideCard are tweaked and highly cooled, so there is not much power left for the USB modem...
    Maybee that is the problem?
  16. MyBigToe

    MyBigToe Guest

    im not THAT advanced with computers, i dont wanna play around with my vid and cpu sertting, because i know that i of all people will screw them up

    and how do i find out the power supply?
  17. THEM

    THEM Guest

    You don't need to do this...

    First, open your computer case, and see on your power supply (the big block at the top where the big fan is comming out of ;-) ) what power it can give, 200W, 300W,...

    If it is bellow 350 or 300, you might consider buying a stronger power supply...
    To do this, bring your pc to a computerstore, and tell them: give me a bigger power supply (like 350 opr 400W should be enough)
  18. MyBigToe

    MyBigToe Guest

    hehe.. i know what it is.. i just couldnt be arsed to turn off my computer :p

    it says input: 230w
    fuse rating 250w

    hmmm.. thats kinda crap.. well.. im bying a new cpu and motherboard.. today, so hopefully.. i'll get a new power supply too

    *counts his money*
  19. THEM

    THEM Guest

    If you need any sugestions.... :), just ask :) ('dreaming about his next uprade....' *sigh*)
  20. MyBigToe

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    hehe.. oh.. and i tried to use your program, but it kept saying theres a disk error everytime i try to change something