A few small yet annoying problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cone, Apr 13, 2002.

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    Hi all maybe you can help me. These aren't HUGE problems, but they are annoying still.

    1. RoadRunner Medic (RRMedic) - I got this app from RR when I signed up for cable. The problem is, it doesn't detect my NIC. It used to under Windows 98SE and it's a handy little program that I would like to be able to use. I know my NIC is totally fine and working because I am online. :) It is a Linksys LNE100TX(v5) Fast Ethernet Adapter. Yes, I have the latest drivers for it.

    2. MusicMatch Jukebox - Another "it worked in Win98" deal. Song title doesn't appear when minimized to taskbar. It just says "musicmatch jukebox".

    3. I have no idea what caused this, but when I log on to xp, my floppy disk light flashes and I hear it looking for a disk. Annoying and slows down my boot time. This started when I disabled a bunch of services. Any idea which service would cause this to happen when disabled?

    4. I am using the switches /e, /n (C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe /e, /n) in my Windows Explorer shortcut so it goes to the root dir rather than "my documents" It works fine but it says "C:\ - Microsoft Internet Explorer" In the title bar. Strange. If i use C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe /e, /n c:\, it does something similar to problem 3 where XP looks for a floppy, which wastes about 15 secs. Annoying.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me get rid of these annoyances. Appreciate it :)


    ps- Im running XP Pro
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    Hi cone

    1. No idea
    2. No idea
    3. It could your Antivirus software.
    4. No idea

  3. cone

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    well thanks for the response zman, I don't have an anti-virus running @ startup though. I guess everyone else is stumped.

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    as for #3, try going into your bios and disabling the floppy as a boot device
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    Try one of these

    %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,c:
    %SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n, /e, c:\