A driver kills my PC

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jimmill, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. Jimmill

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    :confused: My pc seems to crash at the drop of a hat. Usually when screen redraws are happening in small areas (eg progress bars), sometimes when a small sound gets stuck in a loop in media player, sometimes when NAV or speed-disk are running.

    The OCA console say s a device driver caused a problem but no idea which. Used to get a similar crash when a device called NEC smart vision was to blame. This was (Ithink) linked to a now abandoned TVcard. The problem stayed but the device is now unknown.

    Any ideas?

    PC is Athlon XP 2000 ATI radeon 700, NISYS sound -5.1, 768Mb RAM

    BTW I have disabled Fast writes which I recall was a problem with an old PC running an Nvidia card.
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    No ideas I am afraid, but my sympathies and welcome to the forum :)

    When you said ATI 700, did you mean 9700 in your post? Best to get the facts straight - I am sure others may have some ideas how to proceed on this one, I'd look into what drivers are new and try running your system cut down then adding bits back one at a time until you find the culprit....
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    Hi No, I think I meant 7000 VE series. Nice to hear from you.

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    Just because that TV Card is gone doesn't mean it's not still causing troubles. Make sure all the drivers have been removed and all registry entries from the card.

    Run the uninstall for the all the card software if you haven't.
    Then use a tool like system mechanic or regcleaner to delete left over registry entries (there are always tidbits left behind).
    You should also uninstall your video drivers and then reinstall them.