A Call 2 Gamerz: LAN in Annapolis MD

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by a_scoundral, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. a_scoundral

    a_scoundral Guest

    FYI: LAN party in Annapolis!

    How long: 12 hours boyz!

    How much: $10.00 cover gets you all the pizza and soda you can shove down!

    When: Saturday March 30th

    Where: Email a_scoundral@hotmail.com for directions to the battlefield!

    Come in, sit down, bring a friend, don't forget your rig, enjoy pure virtual bliss, and go home satisfied!

    There will be a door prize for the coolest home-grown rig!

    Just one thing, headphones please. When you get a lot of games going on, the noise level gets really bad. Headphones go great lenghts to keeping a handle on things. So with this in mind, NO speakers please. ;)
  2. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Would love to attend one of these things, but can't make this one cos I will be stuck in the UK. hohum.
  3. Soup4you2

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    sounds interesting.... i might attend. i live in annandale virginia so your not far from me at all.. how many people you expecting?

  4. a_scoundral

    a_scoundral Guest

    Usually anywhere from 15 to 25 peeps. Trying to increase the numbers.