A BIG dilemma!!!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jrcairo, May 22, 2003.

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    Hy everybody, this time I have a "crazy" question and I hope you all can help me:
    I have a Philips 15 inch LCD model 150 b2 and (believe or not!) my father wants to give me a ViewSonic, also 15 inch and also LCD, model VA520 just like the one he uses on his computer, I have no problem with the monitor I bought in end of 2001 and also, I can either use on the horizontal or vertical, the reason he's buying is, we are going to donate a computer (complete) to a school back in our country, he want me to keep the new monitor but I believe the Philips is better, anyone has any idea where can I compare both or know both monitors just to give me some support??
    Thanks Again
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    I know the 150b3 is a really good top of the line still monitor if im correct yours is white? the 150b3 is black and is a 300 dallor monitor still If I were you I would keep the philips. But maybe your dad wants to keep the new one because "its new"