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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Dick Johnson, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. Dick Johnson

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    This is probably a very bumb question but I need help. I boot seperate hard drives between W2000 and XP. On W2000 my normal 1.44mb floppy is "A" drive and my LS-120 is "B" drive. Both work fine. In XP their reversed; "A" drive is the LS-120 and "B" is the standard 1.44mb floppy but they work fine. An old man here gets confused when trying to use both; how can I correct XP's settings for the drives. I know they don't show in Disk Management, but there must be some way to reverse these????? Thanks Dick
  2. relder

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    Try opening the registry and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\MountedDevices.

    In the right hand pane, look for \DOSDevices\A: and \DOSDevice\B:
    Right click the entry and Rename A: to B: Repeat the processon the other key.
  3. Dick Johnson

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    Still need help

    reider: Tried your suggestion; won't allow "rename" change for "A" or "B". Any other ideas??????
  4. relder

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    Probably wouldn't allow it because a key already existed. Try renaming A to a letter not being used on your system. Reboot. Then go in and rename B to A. Rename the other B.

    Sorry, I overlooked that when I tested this. I don't have a B on my system.
  5. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    You say "I boot seperate hard drives between W2000 and XP." Does this mean that you're changing the boot sequence in your bios to do this? If so, there should also be an option to 'swap floppy drive' or something similar in your bios. When you change your boot sequence, change that option also. If you're using a boot-loader, i'm not sure what to suggest.
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    A to B

    Lonman: I boot from seperate external scsi boxes into different channels of an Adaptec 2940U2W host card. I do this with four different operating systems and bios boot order is never changed (floppy; cd-rom; scsi) but thanks for idea. I will try relder suggestion and post back ( this is just like trying to change in Disk Management---the drive letter must be available?). Will answer sometime today! Thanks again: Dick
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    A to B WORKS!!

    Relder: Couldn't wait until after the Daytona 500 Race. I had to do the change now, and it works PERFECT! It's just like Disk Management to make changes. I'm very careful in the Registry since I've stepped in a "big pile of you know what" a few times before. Thanks again for the info; will print it out and save for future ref! Dick Johnson
    PS: Now I have to see what my SuSE Linux shows the two drives and figure a way to change IF their wrong!!!!!