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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Rootz, Jan 10, 2003.

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    While I keep wondering why was so difficult adding some sort of tweak/command to make automatic playlists out of music folders (is it possible? someone tell me how), there is one thing I'd like to compare with you...

    I installed WMP9 on a XP PIII 800 / 512 SDRAM desktop and it goes fine, less memory reqs than V8 although a bit demanding on processor time (25% avg).

    On the other hand I set it up on my XP PIII 1000 / 384 SDRAM notebook and it runs fine also... when it's running alone! Memory usage is acceptable but processor jumps up to 60% avg and there it stays...

    Note that in both cases I fired up WMP9 and nothing more, not even played anything, media index was empty... I have 22 gigs of media files on a network share I would like to put in the catalog... I think I'll have my family out of the place before start indexing
    :eek: ... start thinking they made up this MP for P4 and above...

    Apart from this problem (any feedback is welcome anyway, just to verify if this prog is a real resource hog), what do you think of this final release, is there something you miss? I mean features...
    and do you trust that *update my WMA/MP3 media files information* (me not sure)?

    ...and please, please help me understand how to make automatic/batch playlists out of each folder on my media drive with any feature/powertoy/script/plus!DME whatever..!
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    Hey I'm just looking for some wmp9 feedback, too. My Duron1300+ w/1g is running KEXP radio @1411kbps at about 6-12% cpu usage. I'm not a big media player guy, but what I've been playing with so far seems impressive, and the perception is that it's faster than the release candidate. I agree it looks like there's lots to play with. Not that I'm any kind settings expert, but I've got just about everything in terms of automatic settings in "Privacy" turned off, and it seems like these might affect resource hogging somewhat. I'll sit back and shut up and listen to the experts, but I'm thinking it looks pretty good so far.

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    Just started playing with it tonight .
    Finally I've got a program you can just stick your CD collection in and it spits out compressed music media to a folder of your choice,with a couple of clicks of the mouse ,for that allown I'm completely sold on it .
    Now if I could just find the equalliser to give a bit more life to the sound it would be even better,still like the Winamp sound straight out of the box.
    Might try the speaker profile thingy on" XP plus"disc ,seem to remember that helped a bit.
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    "Now if I could just find the equalliser"...

    This one you mean??