802.11g ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jdn, Apr 1, 2003.

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    Victoria, B.C. CANADA
    I am planning to install a linksys wired/wireless router to replace the existing bef linksys router in the house.
    The wired part is no problem but I am wondering about the wireless part.
    Any tips or things to watch out for when configuring.
    This will be pure 802.11g as I dont need backwards compatibility to 802.11b
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    Security! Wireless can be great or it can be dangerous, these are the steps that I took when I configured mine, they seem logical to me and I will pass them on because alot of people just turn it on and go and when you tell me that, your telling the wrong person (Maybe).
    1.Turn on wep 64bit should be okay I think on 802.11b 128 requires too much overhead.
    2. change the SSID from default
    3. don't broadcast the SSID
    4. change the computer workgroup name to something other than MSHHOME or WORKGROUP
    5. change the subnet to something that only handouts out enough ip's for the current number of computers.

    My network is pretty static so this isn't really a hassle for me, but if yo have computers coming in and out of the network it can be work. I'm not a network guru or anything, Like I said it just seemed logical to me.

    There are people out there that feel that if you send a signal into their backyard, it's theirs to do what they want with. Look at DirecTV, a billion dollar corporation that spends ton of money and still cant prevent hacking. what's your data worth?

    Don't share the C: drive.
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    Wi-Fi WPA

    you should also look into Wi-Fi Alliance's new WPA (Wireless Protected Access) standard due out this year. I'm actually setting up 10 waps at work, so I posted something a while back regarding what to look for and documented how easy it is to hack an access point that's not properly secured. It's under Security here:
    I work for a government agency so you know the access points have to be locked down tighter than J Lo's pants. If you want more info you can always check out Wi-Fi's Website In simple terms, the Wi-Fi Alliance is pretty much like the mafia when it comes to anything wireless. Check their members listing. Intel and many others have already started incorporating 802.11i and 802.1x capability into their products. 802.1x makes changing the WEP key automatic, so there's no way someone could break the key in the time inbetween the changes. By the way, there's no such thing as "pure" 802.11g, 802.11g uses the same processor technologies as 802.11a so it's backwards-compatible with 802.11b as well. Anyway, like natasrof1 said, my only advice would be security. Do the little things that most people overlook: always place it in the center of the room, never near a window or open area where traffic can leak. Point the antenna in the direction you want most coverage. Test the distance of your coverage. Just because you can turn up the signal all the way up doesn't mean you should. If you're just using it for home use, these simple steps should be all you need, hope that helps...
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    As long as you turn on WEP you should be fine.
  5. jdn

    jdn I'm trying

    Victoria, B.C. CANADA
    Thanks for the advice on security.
    Living where I do I am more worried about hackers thru the wired line then my 2 neighbors.
    Now that I have set up the router I am Not too impressed with the wireless range.
    I have install a g card in my laptop and started walking thru the house. The signal is great 4 feet from the router i.e. 52mps and excellent signal. as I move around the house the signal and rate drop off quickly. In the master bedroom, its dies.The distance is about 60'. As we live in a one level house up and down is not a factor.
    The house is wood frame construction with gypsum board and wood stud walls, no metal lathe etc.
    The router is presently sitting on the desk beside my monitor. I tried a different location 4' above the desktop on top of a cabinet beside the modem and it did not improve. I really donot want to move the router as running wires some where else is the reason I went wireless.
    anybody know what effects these units the most. I have seen ads and articles on aftermarket attennas, would these help or should i just get another wap to increase coverage. I have about 3500 sq.ft. to cover
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    There are many things that can effect it. A couple of the most common are cordless phones and Microwaves.
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    yep, on that 2.4Ghz you'll be fighting a lot of devices for air space. You can do it cheap with Pringles can like most people do http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/weblog/view/wlg/448. I testes these out and verified with some Cisco vendors a range of 5 miles! You should also have you antennas as high as they can go and spray the coverage down. That's cool Cisco's buying Linksys, you'll be able to use their security features, usually the encryption or security features are proprietary and not compatible. So, a couple of Pringles cans, or you can do it the proper way and install another WAP as a repeater:)