8-Ball from GTA is driving me nuts!!!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by ronenph1, Aug 4, 2002.

  1. ronenph1

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    Hey guys,

    I'm currently stuck at the mission that I got from Salvator, "Bomb Da Base".

    When I take 8-Ball to the place he needs to detonate the bomb, he always gets killed !!!
    I never finish killing the guards before he runs in, and he's always "Being Iced" and I need to try again!!!

    Does someone has a plan how can I kill the guards and protect 8-Ball while he does his job ??:D :p :D
  2. Cosmin

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    Well here is my " plan "
    - walk up those ladders ( are located in right - he is running first in left ) and climb up on that garage ( or what it is ) . From there you can see all the place and kill very simple watever creature you want :) .
  3. sammy5gs

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    Better Way

    All of this sounds decent, but I found a way to do it a little easier without getting shot at. There is a stairwell on the building that is on the right hand side of the ship (go around from the back so they don't see you). Get on that stairwell, and using your sniper, pick off all your people. Once you magnified your sniper vision, you should be able to kill all the people on the boat before 8Ball gets to them. Again, using the strategy displayed before, kill the first two guards (ramp first), then kill the 2 on the left of the ramp on the boat, then there is about 6-7 on the right hand side of the boat (where 8 Ball goes to place the bomb).

    Of course, take a Cartel Cruiser.

  4. Jz1397-5

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    all i did was get a rocket launcher, and shoot away, you need 5. then again, i am lazy:D
  5. Shawn319

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    Take your time with it. you have all the time you need until you fire the first shot. Scope out and COUNT every one of the bad guys, watch there movement and see how long each one is visable (some walk behind the crates). Get up on the roof of the building (there's stairs on the side facing boat) and shoot the first two guys at bottom of ramp first, then shoot left to right on the boat (and do it fast).. it took me about 4 tries but i got it.
  6. ZAnwar

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    The best way to do it is-that first kill the 2 men down da ramp. And after u done that just get couple of tanks. About 3, block da ramp wid dem so 8 ball cant get through so just go up and kill em all and then move da tanks and he will come up.and the mission will be over.
  7. the stairwell way is the best that's what i used
    ...it's fun that way too (just stand at the top, pull out the sniper, zoom in, and pop Cartel heads...yeah!)
  8. Geffy

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    I did it with the sniper a few times then got board as I always missed one guy it seemed, so I used the Rocket Launcher, wasted everything from the cartel cruisers at the ramp to the people on the boat. Very effective, though it is cheating a bit.
  9. ZAnwar

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    Who gives a damn if it is cheating, And Catch23, my way was much more FUN ! not your crappy borin way
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    I am 14 yrs old, when is a person, a kid ?
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    Name me a person who is 6yrs old and will be able to play GTA3 !
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    I don't think a person who is 6 years old can even play GTA3 with the cheats ! He can go and kill people yeah, but not do the missions !
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    Do you think I give a F**K !
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    /me grabs a bag of popcorn and sits back and watchs the flame war