64k 3d Demos...OF THE DEVIL. How do they do it?

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  1. Petros

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    3d demos, all 64k. I had another thread on this before, I think. Still, I must know how all that information gets fit into 64 kilobytes...each one of these files is a mere 512,000 zeroes and ones arranged in such a way that they produce impressive, lengthy 3d demos. Check out the Che Guevara one and the Flight666.

    How do they do this? Does anyone know?

    The only logical conclusion I can draw is that they have sold their souls to the devil, as David Blaine has.

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  2. VenomXt

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    i rember the old one. amazing. too bad the tech isnt that finacially impacting.. for them that is.. hehe
  3. LordOfLA

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    Procedural Textures and Audio.

    Instead of inclduing the images and sounds themselves they use a mathematical function to generate them at runtime in ram :)