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    I havent been able to get a lot of info on these cards, so i got a few questions:

    - Is a 6200 64MB with TurboCache (up to 256MB) a lot slower than a dedicated 128MB version?

    -Where does a 6600 non-GT lie in OpenGL/DirectX9 performance when compared to a 9800pro/5900u?
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    The 6600 GT is just a tad faster then the 9800 pro and I mean just a few frames per second in most applications I owned the 9800 pro sold it to my friend and another one of our freinds has the 6600gt they both have same cpu same motherboard and both machines are side by side in my friends basement and ifs hard to see a really big difference in performance, but the none gt will be a little slower then the gt thats a given.