56k Modem dialing up at 33.6k? Please Help!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by downunderground, Jan 3, 2002.

  1. I have been running XP for about a month or two now. I didnt have too many dramas with compatibility although my ESS Superlink-M DATA FAX Modem (internal) is causing me problems.
    I dial up to my ISP and damn, it says speed 33.6k. I disconnect and dial up again, still 33.6k. I try again and again, sitting through that annoying sound until FINALLY i get a 50.6k connection speed. I have installed the latest drivers but this still happens. I read up somewhere about entering in a custom "String" for initializing the modem in a certain way? Can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! show me the light! My phone bill is beast and I cant afford cable :(

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    What were you connection speeds before you upgrade?!? The connection speed of the modem is only one part of it... It can have anything to do with rain to Being close to an airport...
  3. When i had Win98, i connected everytime at 50.6k. I takes me about 2-5 retries at connecting to get a 50.6k with XP. When it does connect at 50.6k it takes lesser time to dialup than when it connects at 33.6k.
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    Ok maybe someone else can provide the string... I remeber one being ss10 or something...
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    could it be something as easy as you have your max connection speed deally set too low?
  6. I aint that stupid :p