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    anybody can help me get this scanner work in windows XP

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    I know this is for 2000 but it may help, or you could try emailing them

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Visioneer Technical Support [mailto:tech_support@visioneer.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2001 9:33 PM
    To: Dan Fine
    Subject: Visioneer ETS Submission

    Dear Dan,

    Thank you for your recent submission to our Visioneer e-mail support.

    Sorry for the inconvenience that you have encountered.

    We understand that you are still unable to use the scanner under Windows

    NOTE: Depending on the way Win 2000 was installed it may be located in the
    WINDOWS OR WINNT folder.

    We are using the WINDOWS folder as an example.

    If the scanner shows up in Device Manager with the "!" in front of it, that
    usually means that an incorrect driver has been loaded for the device.

    To access device manager please do the following:

    Right click on "My Computer Icon" and select Properties

    Click the Hardware Tab

    Click Device Manager button.

    For your scanner to work properly under Windows 2000 it must show up in
    Device Manager under "Imaging Devices".

    If the scanner icon in Device Manager has "!" or "X" please do the following
    to correct the issue:

    In Device Manager right click on the scanner icon and select Uninstall

    When Uninstall is complete scanner icon will disappear from the Device

    Disconnect the scanner from the USB port on the computer

    Close Device Manager

    Double click on the My Computer Icon

    Double click on the C drive icon

    Locate and double click on Windows folder

    If prompted click on Show Files

    To be sure you can view all of the files including Hidden and System files
    please do the following:

    From the Tools Menu select Folder Options

    Click the View Tab

    Make sure "Show Hidden files and folders" has a dot in front of it

    Make sure "Hide file extensions for known file types" does NOT have a check
    mark in front of it.

    Make all necessary changes and click Apply then OK button.

    Double click on INF folder.

    Locate and delete the following if you have them:
    Note: You may or may not have all of these files depending on the scanner
    you have.

    1) VIZPNP Folder
    2) I386 Folder
    3) VIZPNPIN.EXE File

    While in Windows/Inf folder click on Search icon.

    Under "Search for file or folder names " enter *.inf

    Under "Containing text" enter visioneer

    Make sure "Look in" shows c:\windows\inf

    Click the "Search Now" button.

    This will find all of the INF files associated with Visioneer. Please write
    them down.

    Delete all of the files found by the search feature EXCEPT for the
    apcompat.inf file.

    For every INF file there is a corresponding PNF file that must also be
    deleted. Use the notes from the step above to delete the corresponding PNF

    For example if the search found OEM1.INF you will need to find and delete


    Now click the UP arrow to return to the Windows folder.

    Double click on Twain_32 folder

    Locate and delete PAPRPORT folder.

    Empty the Recycle Bin.

    Restart the system.

    When the system restarts you will get the error message that the scanner is
    not found and you should see a scanner icon with the red X on top of the

    Right Click on the Icon and select Close.

    Now you will need to reinstall the scanner driver that you downloaded

    We look forward to any feedback you may have in reference to the suggestions
    made so that we may better assist future customers. To provide feedback or
    to obtain additional assistance, please return to our web site and use the
    web form. Using the "Reply" option in your email will route the email to an
    automated email box that is not monitored.

    Thank you for your patronage.