5 ide drives?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kush, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. Kush

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    I've always known that the maximum drives you can have connected to a motherboard through the ide cabes is 4. am i wrong? Can i connect more on the asus xp motherboards? how is this possible?:confused:
  2. Kush

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    Montreal, Quebec

    yeah k i knew i could only have 4 but i didnt know that u can get a ide controller on pci cool thanks man
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    Yeah i have a Promise IDE Controller Card and have 4 Hard Drives, CD Burner, Dvd and 250 ZIP drive and still have a spare slot. Haven't had a problem

  4. stuy_b

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    When I plugged my Promise TX2 card into my rig.. it took my IRQ15, so I colud only have the slave/master config of the onboard ide port(IRQ14). But I can have master/slave twice from the Promise controller(IRQ15).

    But what i wanna know is how does the Promise card support two master/slave configurations while only using IRQ15!..

    But I guess as long as it works I shouldnt question how or why!!!!!! :D
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    If you have onboard RAID on your motherboard then this will give you 2 more channels each being able to take 2 drives. In esence, you have 4IDE channels that can take upto eight devices.
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    Abit RAID Boards have 4 IDE channels so you can actually have up to 8 drives.
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