40x burner and ECDC 6

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by vdubVR6, Mar 30, 2003.

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    Okay here is the deal, I just bought a new CD-RW rated at 40x16x48 with it I also bought Roxio CD/DVD creator 6. I noticed when burning a CD that it shows the write speed of 40x and then the speed in which it is really burning. To my surprise it said 20x then 10x then 6x and back up and down........is this normal? Shouldn't it stay at a steady pace, and only drop during certain sections of the burn process if any at all? And I would think that it should at least have started at 40x and then fell and maybe reached back up to 40x. Do you guy's think maybe something is wrong with the burner and I should take it back for something else (brand) Any insight on this would be great. Thanks :0 )
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    check your connects, then check the options in your software.

    ps: vr6 jetta, passat, gti, corrado or what?
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    Right now I am burning a new CD an audio CD this time not a Video CD and it is at a steady 27x and drops up and down a little. When its done I am going to go over the connects and does the buffer under run* slow it down?

    * think that is what it's called.

    And to answer, I own a VR6 Passat. Loaded with the workz!!
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    Funny you should say that.
    I have just bought DVD Writer with spec of 16x10x40 on CD writing.
    Easy CD 6 shows write on CD R s as x 16 then goes to x 20 and back to x16, although this was constant on Version 5.
    However the overall write time has dropped by 1-2 mins on discs and none have corrupted despite buffer of only 2Mb.
    Have burned 10 so far.
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    Newer fast burners will change speed as they change the mode in which they are writing, and they also burn faster towards the outside of a disc.