4.1 system not surround??

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Leo154, Sep 2, 2003.

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    i have the creative 4.1 speakers and the MSI nForce 2 K7N2GM-IL.. without the SoundStorm chip... i pluged in the front speakers in the line out and the rear speakers in the line in... and configured it in the sound menu thingy as was described in the manual.. i did a special surround test and all speakers seem to work on independent channels... the test was a woman saying "Front Right, Front Left, Surround Right..." and each one was to its corresponding speaker...

    now, when i listen to music, the rear speakers dont work at all.. when i watch a movie, a divx rip, there is negligable sound coming out of the rear speakers... also, some programs dont seem to allow me to choose a 4 speaker system.. such as in WMP9 after installing WinDVD5...

    please could someone explain.. do u people who have audigys and soundblaster live, have sound come out of the rear speakers when listening to music in WMP9???

    i would buy a sound card if it would solve the problem, except that in the manual, it claims to be a 5.1 channel sound chip, except not "Dolby Digital" like the SoundStorm chip....

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    Listen to music in winamp instead. Drop the bloatware.
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    Have you selected quadrophonic (or whatever) speaker setup in Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Voices > Advanced?
    Silly Windows!
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    That isn't necessary when you have the Creative Control panel. I've had Live!-cards before, and now I have an Audigy2.
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    fixed it.. i installed the realtek alc650 drivers..