3MX or maybe Mininova anyone?

Discussion in 'Linux & BSD' started by Mainframeguy, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Since acquiring my ElonexOneT BEFORE I had a job offer (oh how I wish I had waited and used the money towards an MSI 1510!) I have been doing some research into how to make the best of the hardware.

    Seems the guts of the Elonex revolve around a TI 400MHz CPU and that with the addition of an SD card replacing the preinstalled and locked down OS is an option.

    At this point it seems 3MX is likely the WTG, far as I can see.

    Anyone else any experience at all at the low end of the Linux world here? I can already see it is like honey to the Linux enthusiast with many lively Fora like Liliputing. Little Linux Laptop and more abounding. But this community is meant to be Operating Systems based, so it would be good to add something on this subject here. Am I (as I guess) breaking new ground here amongst the OSNN community?

    My main worries about pressing on with the hacking of ny OneT are that I do not "brick it" in the process... Unlike the HP2133 I returned before this there is no approved way back other than the "reset" pin on the bottom of the OnetT. It would be nice if that reset restored the OS/Kernel/Apps from a ROM inside, but I rather doubt it works that way (though given the download size of 3MX at 158MB such a proposition is technically highly possible!).