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Discussion in 'Benchmarks & Performance' started by VenomXt, Mar 18, 2004.

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    Got a question i am a bit confused and was hopeing some one could help me out.

    Recently put in a Xp 2600 from a 2400

    Shoudnt the external clock be running at 333 MHz? 3DMark 2003 shows it as 166. I have my RAM set as 333MHZ in BIOS.

    Also i got a 4653 is that decent. Seeing that i got about 120 lower than that using the 2400.

    AMD <unknown> 1.9 Ghz
    manufacturer AMD
    family <unknown>
    internal Clock 1.9 Ghz
    Internal Clock Maximum 1.9 Ghz
    external Clock 166.0 Mhz
    socket Designation SOCKET A
    Type Central
    capabilities MMX, Cmov, RDTSC, 3dnow!, Extended 3dnow!, SSE
    version Model 10, Stepping 0
    level 1 128 KB
    level 2 512 KB
  2. champ2005

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    well the external clock (front side buy) is really 166x2 (close enough to 333mhz), and youll find in your bios that the ram multiplier setting is 2x fsb (the fsb being 166).
    You should really get more marks, you might wanna try testing a few times and then averaging the scores.
  3. LeeJend

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    3dMark03 is a DX9 benchmark. The score is driven mostly by your video card, not your processor. I recently upgraded CPUs, my CPU bench went up 50% and my 3dMark03 only went up 5%.
  4. CrazyBoyS

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    3dMark is basically a Video Card bench test. I have seen P2's hit high scores and low end systems. You need to run their hardware benchmark program.