3com Etherlink help.

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  1. My buddy gave me a 3com Fast etherlink pci card 10/100 Base-T ethernet adapter model 3C595-TX and I cant get it to work on my system (XP home mobo ASUS A7A266) if its in safe mode it sees the networkcard but running normaly it dosent see it. I did find some drivers for it but when i installed them they crashed my system it would boot to the windows loading screen then just restart. I would just go out and buy a new one but I dont have the cash for that right now and my roomate is gonna get highspeed (im still stuck on dial-up) so Id like to be able to use it. can anybody help?
    Just a thought is the network card just to old to use??
    Oh and heres my mobo http://usa.asus.com/mb/socketa/a7a266/overview.htm#
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    Make sure you have the latest MB driver versions installed. Check the Asus web site. Also check the FAQ at ASUS.

    Here is the info on your 3com card. Is this where you got the drivers?


    Ouch only win 2000 drivers and those unsupported. We're talking old here. You know you can find 10/100 cards for under $10 bucks...
  3. Thanks for your help. So the verdict is (just get a new damn card)lol. Thanks for helping tho