3 Hunters

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    Well there was these three hunters who decided to go off on a good hunt and get dead drunk that night. Well they were all trashed sitting around the fire after a long day when one of the hunters said.. "I gotta go take a sh*t" So he wondered off into the forest and found a good tree to do his business.

    As he was going he fell asleep against a tree. Well the two hunters went looking for him after a few hours and saw him sleeping against the tree and they came up with a great idea to scare the heck outta him. Secretly they dumbed a whole bunch of deer guts under his butt and took off to camp. Well the next day the hunter came back to camp walking all funny. The two hunters by the fire asked him what took him so long. The guy said "Guys I think I accidently crapped out my guts!" The two hunters acted stunned and said "Well what did you do?" The nervous hunter said "Well with god and a stick I got them back up there" :D :D :D
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    Eeeewwwwwwwwww :p
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    Lol thats great
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    Thinking about that makes my butt hurt. :p
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    I heard that joke was told from real life... so I think that that really happend!! :D
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    Man. ewww hahaha
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    OUCH!! :huh: