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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by greentea, Mar 19, 2008.

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    Hey, 28" monitor is on the market now, seems pretty cool:
    Personally I think that big screen should have some special requirements for the video card.
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    That report is HORRIBLE...

    Ok so it has a 800:1 contrast ratio which means it should come no where near 500Cds of brightness...

    The response time is amazing... from what? black to white? (as in not the entire cycle?)

    There are NO specifics, no link to the manufacturers webesite?

    No mention of the color gamut tests... how black are the blacks, how white are the whites? That is VERY important when playing games like FEAR...

    The only thing I saw as truely promising was price... but price aint everything...

    Oh well... like the article says you get what you pay for...

    Buy a Dell 2408 and be SURE what you are getting...

    Mike A!
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    hans-g is a buget manufacturer, they aren't trying to knock your socks off and thump you in the chest like Dell/Samsung/LG :)