28.90 with XP and Refresh rate fix!?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by GraveLayer, Apr 30, 2002.

  1. GraveLayer

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    OK I was at a LAN party on Saturday with about 130 people. They, of course, had a Quake3 tourney. I entered and they ended up doing a 20 minute match on Q3dm7 then taking the TOP 8 to go onto 1 vs. 1 for the champ. 8th place had 82 frags....I HAD 81!!!!!!!!! :(
    The one BIG difference from everyone else and me you ask? I was running at 1600 x 1280 at 60fps, while most others had simple items on and getting every last FPS they could!.
    My problem is it didn't matter WHAT I ran my screen at 'cuz the FPS was ALWAYS 60fps.
    I should have had another driver or the NVrefresh rate fix, powerstrip, rivatuner or whatever but I did not.
    So I ask WHY ISN'T this a bigger deal than it is!!
    Nvidia is great and all but why do we have to suffer with special fixes ANYWAY!!
    OK now whats the easiest way to get my gaming FPS up to where it should be??

    BTW-I have a GF4 TI 4600 running the 28.90's
  2. Qumahlin

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    Nvidia isn't the one that created the problem, Microsoft did and it is a problem with all graphics cards. You need to find refresh rate compatible drivers or you need to just disable V-sync (not a true fix but stops locking of FPS to refresh) or get powerstrip or such like you mentioned

    on a side note, at that resolution your monitors maximum refresh rate is probably 60hz anyway so you wouldn't of been able to get anymore FPS with V-sync enabled, next time your in a quake tourney you might wanna turn the settings down a notch just so you won't suffer if anything causes a frame rate drop.
  3. FatesWarning

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    Just grab the 28.90's with the refresh rate fix.


    Go to Downloads
    >Video Card Drivers
    >Nvidia detonator drivers
    >Detonator 28.90 Refresh Rate Fixed
  4. GraveLayer

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    My 19" Sony does 87hertz at 1600 x 1200 thank you very much! :)
  5. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    i'm using the 28.32 drivers, and i get anyware from 90-250 in q3.
    i never got the refreshrate fix, doesn't that just limit the rate down too slow anyway?
  6. FatesWarning

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    ?? :confused:
  7. GraveLayer

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    Are you getting that when running a timedemo?? If so thats not the issue. The timedemo isn't what you REALLY get during the game.
    seta cg_DrawFPS "1" in your Q3 autoexec file to get the FPS while playing the game. It will NEVER go over 60fps with WinXP and Nvidia cards (ATI too I believe??)
    Here is a autoexec.cfg example:

    // This will run all below commands when starting Q3

    seta cg_tureLighting "0.5"
    seta cg_oldPlasma "0"
    seta oldRocket "0"
    seta cg_oldRail "0"
    seta cg_DrawFPS "1"

    //Rocket Jump

    cl_pitchspeed 9999
    set rjump "+lookdown;wait;wait;+attack;+moveup;wait;wait;-attack;-moveup;-lookdown;wait;wait;centerview"
    bind b vstr rjump

    //Duck and Cover stay down until pressed again

    set duck "+movedown; set crouchswitch vstr stand; echo Crouching..."
    set stand "-movedown; set crouchswitch vstr duck; echo Standing..."
    set crouchswitch "vstr duck"
    bind s "vstr crouchswitch"

    // Zoom toggle change to railgun, zoom in, and change sensitivity

    set zoomin "weapon 7; cg_fov 15; sensitivity 25; set nextzoom vstr zoomout"
    set zoomout "weapprev; cg_fov 90; sensitivity 17; set nextzoom vstr zoomin"
    set nextzoom "vstr zoomin"
    bind space "vstr nextzoom"
  8. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    1600x1280 at 87 hz? what sony do you have! the only ones that I know that get that high are the professional ones that cost like a grand and up
  9. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    at 1600x1200 with 32 bit everything, hight exture and model detail, trilinear filtering, full screen, i get generally 90-250ish.
    no bullshit
    sometimes it spikes to 300 and above, but not by that much, and not very often
  10. dotbatman

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    never say never...i have a monitor that doesn't like to go over 70Hz at 1152x864...i have an old Nvidia TNT2 that can't even run in 32 bit...and i am running XP Pro. I regulalrly get well over 100 FPS in Q3, and that's ingame, not a timedemo, although they both give me the same info as far as I can tell. i still don't see what this refresh rate thing is all about, it has never affected me, though i am continually told it should.

  11. GraveLayer

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    "you wouldn't of been able to get anymore FPS with V-sync enabled"
    How do you disable V-sync??

    My Monitor is a G400 19" and it Supports resolutions up to 1800 x 1440 @ 70Hz so its not the monitor. Plus how do people get over 140fps anyway!
    So with XP and a GF4 TI 4600 I can't get 200fps in game???
    I did see people with over 140fps in game last Saturday running Win9x and GF3's!!
  12. Broomop

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    me im geoforce 2 mx100/200 on a medion 17" monitor running at 100hz 1024x768 dont need more res than that really.
  13. dec1970

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    u disable v-sync in the advanced setting in display properties under ur graphic card tab....under opengl tab...i always have mine "always off"
  14. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    when i'm knee deep in fighting, it drops to around 60-80, when theres alot of stuff on the screen, but when i'm alone i manage to get it up to 200 in some maps i downloaded, some of the id maps are to detailed to go above 180, it depends on what map, location, and server load, but, in general, 80-150 is the average.